Start Here

here’s just a little introduction to myself and this blog!

Mural Artist

Traveling to Europe for the 1st time in the summer of 2016 sparked a creative desire for me. I wanted a way to document what I experienced (not only pictures but writing as well).

I am a skillful planner and over-organizer. I do a lot of research in order to have confidence in my adventures. I also love solo traveling to places I’ve never been before!

I wrote my first blog post about my Euro Trip in August 2016, detailing each country visited and what I learned from it. It was short, sweet, and matter-of-fact.. Since then, however, I’ve grown into loving writing the details and itineraries behind it all!

I also truly enjoy photography and want to continue growing this craft along with telling the stories behind my photos.

As of September 2018, I live in Houston, Texas BUT

That is about to change very soon. I have a one way flight to Madrid, Spain on Sep. 25th. I am very excited (and overwhelmed) with how an opportunity came around and how it’s actually happening. More on that in another post!

Glad you’ve made it this far and I hope this blog is informative and fun to read 🙂

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