Top Assets for Making Travel Plans


I enjoy the art of planning each and every one of my adventures even though it is stressful! I love organizing and strategizing on where I can go with a specific budget in mind. Listed below are the many helpful resources to use to plan your trips.


VRBO is a great way to experience the local flavor. While this one is a little pricier than the following two, if you prefer privacy, this is the way to go. Hostel World is fantastic if you’re keen on meeting new people and extremely budget friendly. Search for one that has breakfast included! I recently just booked a hostel in Madrid (that includes breakfast) for 12 nights and it cost 220 euros 🙂

And of course Airbnb. I’ve used Airbnb in Europe and the US and highly recommend it and they now have sections to book activities at your destination.

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Find Cheap Flights


Just Fly



These are the top 3 sites I turn to to compare flight prices.

Kayak is great to compare other sites like priceline or orbitz and for checking rates if you have checked baggage.


Renting a car isn’t always ideal; luckily there are so many other options to pick from! If you’re in Europe consider getting a Eurail/Interail pass, traveling by train is one of the best ways to see Europe 🙂

Rome2Rio is a website that compares prices and time differences of different types of transport from tons of locations around the world. Can’t decide whether to fly or take the train? Compare the prices of your destinations all while staying in your budget.


Skyroam Solis is your global wifi hotspot in over 120 countries and day passes are $9. I cannot recommend this one enough, it’s so convenient!


You should place Travel Insurance as a necessity when going abroad. I used AIG when I went to Europe and World Nomads is also a highly rated company.

A Local Sim Card is always helpful to have with you (if you don’t have a wifi hot spot). They are fairly cheap to get, help if you get lost, and you wont have to worry about international charges when you get back.

Helpful Apps

TraveLibro – a travel itinerary app that allows you to organize the activities and locations of your destination

WhatsApp – a messaging app that allows you to communicate with the people you’re traveling with and people back home absolutely free!

Airline Apps – online check ins and staying up to date on any flight changes will save you time and $$$

Translator – of course this is always helpful if you’re in a country that doesn’t speak your native language

The Weather Channel– stay up to date in the constant weather changes