I’m sure we’ve all experienced gaining a little weight while on vacation. All the delicious food of a new country and (what seems like) so little time to enjoy it all!

There is a constant struggle of wanting to look good in your swim suit but also wanting to eat that dessert.

One of the easiest ways to stay in shape while traveling is to walk. Walk as much as you can. Although your destination might be a mile or two away, still walk! Wear comfortable shoes. This is good for you and save on transportation fees (and you get to see more of the city you’re in!)


[Hiking in Mexico in the blazing heat and loving every minute of it!]

If there is any kind of hike where you’re heading, it’s definitely worth checking out! Not only do you get your exercise in, but also a great adventure.

My personal favorite way is to bike around the city I’m visiting! Depending on where you are, the cost to rent a bike will vary, but it will always be one of your cheapest options. It is also not so hard on your knees and feet as walking for long periods of time.

Photo Jun 02, 11 16 46 AM

[Biking around Barcelona in 2016]

Apart from walking/hiking/biking, here’s a list of some of my favorite simple body weight exercises that can be done anywhere:

  • wall sits
  • pushups/situps/crunches
  • planks
  • jump squats/jump lunges
  • calf raises
  • bridges

Photo Jan 03, 10 47 26 AM

Another one of the simplest and most affordable ways to keep in shape while abroad is the use of resistance bands. The best thing about these is they’re small, easy to pack while providing your preferred level of resistance.

If you’re on a budget like myself, I would recommend checking out Amazon for the fit simplify bands or therabands; you can get a pack of 4 or 5 for about $15. However, if you’re able to spend a little more, WODfitters and DYNAPRO have some fantastic products. I personally have Starwood Sports Resistance bands (5 bands of different resistances) and they cost $10.99 on Amazon 🙂

And there you have it! It’s fairly simple right?! Dedicate about 30 minutes (if that) of your day for a few exercises and those extra pounds won’t pack on 🙂

One additional tip: Along with those listed above!

When you are out to eat, skip desert or don’t drink alcohol for a few days. This is a small task that will have great benefit!


ALL IN ALL, participate in fun activities that involve some form of physical exertion (i.e. hiking, swimming/snorkeling, paddle boarding, surfing, biking, walking tours etc.) Then if you feel like this is not enough, take into account the body weight exercises listed and do them in your hotel room before you head out on your adventures!

Happy traveling,



Posted by:Salina

Just an American who moved to Madrid, Spain and didn't look back. Searching for sunshine and tapas along the way :)

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