It seems like this has become a popular topic, so I thought I’d shed my own light on the subject since I’m currently going through the process of saving a lot of money for near future traveling! The following list has been put together based off my personal experience of saving money for the goal of traveling/moving abroad, enjoy 🙂

  1. Sell your stuff – I might sound like a broken record on this one BUT it holds truth. If you’re moving abroad, chances are you will NOT need your car! Consider selling it as it will save you thousands. Sell things you do not use or need anymore. Just about anything can be sold over apps/websites like LetGo and Ebay.
  2. Find a job working remotely (or very close to home) – Transportation without the use of a car with save you a ton of $. Biking or taking public transport to work will significantly help your bank account (& your health if you bike 🙂 ) Websites like UpWork offer many great opportunities for remote freelance work all within your schedule and pay range. I have also done house sitting, pet sitting, and dog walking which I HIGHLY recommend! It’s very easy and you are paid well. Udemy is also a great online platform where you can create your own personalized course to show off your skills! Great at photography? Make a tutorial on Udemy and sell it for profit. Even consider moving back in with your parents or with friends to really save that $$$! passport
  3. Rarely/Don’t buy alcohol – Alcohol is expensive… buy it at the grocery/liquor store. $8 for a glass of wine at your favorite restaurant? You can buy an entire bottle of wine at a grocery store for that same price. Pass. Buying alcohol just about anywhere else will result in a significant expense.
  4. Rarely/Don’t eat out – Don’t know how to cook? Well, now’s your chance to gain a new skill 🙂 This one is probably one of the harder ones to do, I know. But, seriously do not eat out, it is expensive! Even if it’s a $6 fast food meal, eating like this regularly will add up faster than you can blink. IMG_2168

5. Set a budget for yourself & stick to it– Add up and write down what you want to spend each week. Set the bar from the beginning and you’re much more likely to adhere to it! Research prices at your closest grocery store and set a standard (and don’t exceed it) for your groceries and other shopping needs like toiletries (and of course have a small fund for emergencies).

6. Prep your food – benefits of this are cooking 1-2 days a week instead of 7 and less temptation to eat out. I look through Pinterest for meal prep inspirations. There are thousands of recipes that are easy to make and delicious while keeping up the variety. And lastly,

7. Understand what you NEED vs. what you WANT – yes new clothes are nice, yes a dinner at a fancy restaurant is great, yes going to a day spa or getting your hair fully done feels so good, nothing is wrong with any of these things! Simply ask yourself : What is my top priority right now? If you’ve gotten this far, your priority is most likely to save money in order to travel abroad for x amount of time; with that being the case, some “luxurious sacrifices” will have to be made. These are some I had to implement this past year:

Normal hair cut + highlights + products = $225 : I’ve opted for my natural hair color now and a simple hair cut = $64

Rarely eat out anymore which saves me about $15-$25 EACH time I go out with parents and friends. That $25 you save from eating out can contribute to a train ticket from Spain to France in the near future.

No clothes shopping unless there’s a real need for it i.e. professional clothing : Occasionally I go to TJMaxx/ Kohls to shop when I needed but other than that, nope.

And I could go on, BUT I hope you get the point now. It’s all about planning, prioritizing, and sticking to need over want! 

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Happy saving!


Posted by:Salina

Just an American who moved to Madrid, Spain and didn't look back. Searching for sunshine and tapas along the way :)

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