Food – just about the most important thing while traveling and well life in general! Mexican food is a personal favorite so I am always excited when I get a chance to visit this country! Below is a list of restaurants/bakeries that are must visits when visiting Cabo San Lucas!

[$ = Budget friendly $$ = Mid range $$$ = Expensive]

Los Barriles $


A personal favorite! If you have time in the morning go here for BREAKFAST because it is wonderful. It’s right across from Mama’s Royal Cafe and easy to just walk right past it if you don’t know it. The Eggs Benedict (Huevos Florentinos or Huevos Benedictos) is the best I’ve ever had. Here’s a breakdown of the cost for 2 people –

2 mimosas + 2 cups of bottomless (delicious) coffee + 2 entrees (a pretty large portion) = $22.49 USD


I had breakfast here twice and could only imagine how yummy their dinner is. Here’s their menu

Bar Esquina $-$$

This restaurant has both indoor and great outdoor seating; it is equipped with a small cafe on the side if you just want to grab something quick! I stopped here before heading to the beach for a relaxing day and this place has great smoothies to cool you off in the hot Cabo sun! I grabbed the B.O.B.S smoothie for 80 pesos!

Click here for their full menu and reviews.


Cal Forner $

I should’ve bought 12 pastries from here because they were fantastic and I regret not getting more! Their croissants are fluffy to perfection and they have a wide variety of delicious pastries. Extremely budget friendly – A medium coffee + croissant with jamon y queso = 75 pesos (~ $4 USD)


Check out what people are saying about it on trip advisor here

Definitely recommend getting more than one pastry 🙂

Los Tres Gallos $$ 

Amazing service, atmosphere, and great food that is worth every penny! The appetizer chicken quesadillas, sopa tortilla, and flan are magnificent!


If you have dinner here, highly recommended to make a reservation if you have a large party.


As a party of 1, I paid $38.26 USD for 1 margarita + 2 appetizers + water + dessert. If you’re able to splurge a little, do it here! You won’t be disappointed!


The Oyster Bar $$$


Pricier than any other restaurants listed but granted it was very good – The best grilled shrimp tacos and huachinango (red snapper) tacos you will have in your entire life (pictured below).


Centrally located on the Marina in the middle of Cabo San Lucas, this restaurant actually hangs over the water so you’ll have a great view during your meal.


Price for two people (4 margaritas + waters + ceviche appetizer + 2 entrees with 3 tacos each + flan for dessert = ~$122 USD)

Mama’s Royal Cafe $

Did not personally eat here but walked by it several times and the reviews are great! They have a 3-4 person band playing guitars and singing  so you essentially pay for a meal and a show! Click here to check out the menu.

Cabo Coffee Company $


Great coffee shop with small pastries and quick coffee to go or a few outdoor seats and tables to enjoy the nice weather. A coffee and a croissant will run about 85 pesos (~$5-6 USD).

Maria Corona $$-$$$ (Depends on what you get!)


[House margarita with some very smoky Mezcal at Maria Corona]

A reservation should be made for dinner! The food is reasonably priced so your bill will really depend on how much you drink!

Fantastic atmosphere (the patio is gorgeous!) and great service! If you haven’t tried mezcal yet, you should! As one blog I read said about mezcal – “Meet tequilas’ hot friend!”

Tequila is specifically made in only 5 of the Mexican States and is from the blue agave plant, specifically. Mezcal is derived from many other varieties of the agave plant. The plants are “smoked” or “cooked’ in a stone oven which is why mezcal has a very very smoky flavor to it. Definitely try it at least once! If you don’t like it, then no harm done and now you’ve had the experience 🙂

And there you have – these are the restaurants I recommend visiting while in Cabo San Lucas. I hope this was helpful and that you’re experience was as great as mine here!

Viva Mexico!



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Just an American who moved to Madrid, Spain and didn't look back. Searching for sunshine and tapas along the way :)

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