Houston – the 4th largest city in the U.S. by population at 2.3 million has a lot to offer from good food, cultural diversity, and unique locations like NASA. There’s tons of stuff  to do as well as great, colorful spots all around the city to capture!

Below is a list of the best photo spots in Houston:

BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir 


This gem is just south of the city of Houston and is almost a real oasis. Visitors are welcome and it’s completely free to just walk around. It is so quiet and peaceful, all you hear are birds chirping and the mumbles of the people exiting the temple. I was greeted by a kind Hindu man whom, as I walked up to the sidewalk, said “Hello, welcome!” which just put a huge smile of my face. The architecture here is a true marvel – the detail is incredible.

Location: 1150 Brand Lane, Stafford, Texas 77477

The Shops at Houston Center

Facing McKinney Street are these awesome murals! @ 1200 McKinney Street

There are a total of 6, so several to choose from while getting some shopping done!

2018-06-30 22.35.10

2018-06-30 22.40.36

2018-06-30 22.55.59

Biscuit Paint Wall


The Biscuit paint wall is just one of many fun art walls around the city! This Houston mural is located at 1435 Westheimer Road, in Montrose.

 Japanese Botanical Gardens at Hermann Park 

Inside of Hermann Park (which you will definitely hear about if you come here) is the Japanese Botanical Gardens which are really stunning! So bright and colorful inside a beautiful park in downtown. It’s free so definitely worth a visit!

2018-03-13 22.04.32-3.jpg

Mercer Botanic Garden & Nature Center

Photo Apr 04, 9 13 24 PM.jpg

Located by the Houston International Airport, these botanical gardens are a great escape from the crowded city life. It’s free to enter and your free to film and take pictures. Go in the mornings and you’re likely to have the whole place to yourself!

Photo Apr 04, 8 55 42 PM

Photo Apr 04, 9 01 09 PM

Boulevard Oaks

2018-03-13 05.17.23

This sidewalk is located right in the middle of the Boulevard Oaks neighborhood.

This gorgeous street is perfect in the spring time, everything’s so beautiful and green!

2018-03-13 05.17.20-1-2

Exact address: 1324 North Boulevard, HTX 77006

Sugar & Cloth Color Wall 

2018-03-24 20.20.54

Now located at 1201 Fannin Street in Downtown, this colorful wall is nothing short of creative! It’s the perfect spot for those of you looking for a bright, unique photo location!



2018-03-24 20.18.59

2018-03-24 20.14.47

2018-03-24 20.12.14

2018-03-24 20.27.11-2

Oh, and there’s a cute pair of stairs to match it at the Green Street shopping center!

Visit http://www.sugarandcloth.com for more info!

The Gerald Hines Water Wall 

2018-03-13 22.57.53

Located in the Uptown district of Houston, this large fountain sits opposite Williams Tower, of whom it was originally named after. It is 64 foot tall and recirculates about 11,000 gallons of water per minute. Even standing in front of it, you’ll get wet!

Discovery Green

Photo Apr 12, 2 56 00 PM

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Probably one of the most notable spots in Houston, this public urban park is a host to many special events of the city of Houston. You’ll find these fun color blocks, perfectly cut grass areas for local sporting events, and bands playing almost every weekend.

Visit http://www.discoverygreen.com for more info on events!

Market Square Park

Photo Apr 12, 4 11 18 AM


This adorable park is located right in the heart of downtown and is a nice relaxing spot in the middle of the citys’ skyscrapers. It’s dog friendly and has a great food truck on site!

Hermann Park Conservancy & McGovern Centennial Gardens


During the week is the perfect time to go as the weekends become very crowded!


The conservancy is stunning! Well taken care of and free to enter, it’s the perfect spot to talk a walk and just relax. You are able to walk to the top of this structure and look out on the whole garden area!



Long story short, you don’t have to travel far to find unique places. It doesn’t always have to be an exotic destination that requires a hefty price for a plane ticket. There are often amazing places right in your backyard.

Happy adventuring,


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Just an American who moved to Madrid, Spain and didn't look back. Searching for sunshine and tapas along the way :)

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