Let’s go somewhere!

When you return home from a trip do you miss it immediately? I absolutely do! Backpacking around Europe for 6 weeks and visiting 11 countries was the best experience of my life. I met so many wonderful people and saw so many historic sites I never thought I would be able to see in person. You make so many great memories while traveling abroad so why not be reminded of it all?

Maps with a Story 

IT SP mid

[MapScaping maps of Italy & Spain in Midnight Blue] Shop at https://mapscaping.com

Italy 3D Mint_10x10

MapScaping creates high-resolution topographical maps based on real elevation data! Lower elevations are shown as darker shades and higher elevations are shown as lighter shades. Their maps are printed on matted, acid-free, paper and comes in a shaded and 3D style!

Shop at https://mapscaping.com

I first ordered Italy in slate and was so pleased with how it turned out. When I visited Italy in the summer of 2016 I instantly fell in love. The culture, the historical sites, the people, and the food are simply incredible. This country also holds a special place in my heart because it is where my ancestors are from. I also have the map of Spain in slate (pictured below) since I will soon be calling it my new home 🙂

 Photo Apr 04, 1 56 09 AM

Options for maps are numerous. They have from each US state to Oceania and Africa available in several colors!

What country holds importance to you? And why? Would love to hear your answers!

“Surround yourself with the places you love the most” ~ Founders of MapScaping

Follow their journey on Instagram @ mapscaping



Posted by:Salina

Just an American who moved to Madrid, Spain and didn't look back. Searching for sunshine and tapas along the way :)

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